Achieve well-being and peak performance with Sound Therapy
Achieve well-being and peak performance with Sound Therapy

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Virtual Services
Certified Sound Therapy Practitioner, Niajae provides a range of services. You can purchase Sound Therapy recordings to listen to at your leisure, schedule a live Chakra Balancing session with her, or join Abundant & Aligned Society and receive guided meditations, recordings, and inspirational text messages for energetic self-care. 
In Person Services
1:1 sessions- These sessions consists of the bowls on the body which calms the nervous system, provides deep relaxation, and activates the lymphatic system

Private Sound Bath- Sound Baths provide a magical experience that takes you in a Theta state. This deep meditative state reduces stress and anxiety, enhances cognitive functions, and balances your Chakras. 

View upcoming events- View Sound Baths and upcoming workshops.
How it Works
The Sound Therapy sessions will include the use of Crystal and Tibetan Sound Bowls producing audio tones and vibrational frequencies to improve the emotional and physical well-being of those in the room. 
The sound will directly affect brain waves to restore cognitive functions. 

Amazing Benefits of Sound Therapy

Enhances cognitive functions

Reduces Anxiety & Stress 

Increases productivity

Promotes positive thinking

Increases creativity

Increases focus & concentration

Increases confidence 

Improves memory 

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