Virtual Services
Chakra Balancing & Energetic Self-Care
Virtual Services
Chakra Balancing & Energetic Self-Care

Abundant & Aligned Society 
This is an energetic self-care accountability program. Stop operating from a place of fight or flight and start operating from a place of Alignment. This program will help you
-Connect to your intuition 
-Maintain inner peace 
-Overcome blocks
-Update belief system 
-Expand to allow more Abundance in 
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Chakra Balancing- Be led through a Chakra Balancing guided meditation with Crystal and Tibetan Sound Bowls. 

Energetic Reboot- Is there an area of life that is out of whack? Do you keep finding yourself in the same situation? Identify how your energy, and thought patterns are contributing and reset, renew, and recharge your energy so you attract the situations in your life you truly desire.  

Custom- Need something else? Let's chat!

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The Sound Therapy sessions will include the use of Crystal and Tibetan Sound Bowls producing audio tones and vibrational frequencies to improve the emotional and physical well-being of those in the room. 
The sound will directly affect brain waves to restore cognitive functions. 

Amazing Benefits of Sound Therapy

Enhances cognitive functions

Reduces Anxiety & Stress 

Increases productivity

Promotes positive thinking

Increases creativity

Increases focus & concentration

Increases confidence 

Improves memory 

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