Recordings, replays, and guided meditations
Recordings, replays, and guided meditations
activate your genius
This recording features a guided meditation and visualization with Crystal Sound Bowls that activate and balance the Chakras associated with creativity, passion, intuition, and a high level of consciousness. It's designed to help you connect to your inner being and get into your flow state.
Releasing resentment Bundle 
Cultivate forgiveness and gratitude with Sound Therapy
Fear Inventory Exercise: Downloadable PDF to help you identify and release resentment.

Ho'oponopono Recording: Sound Therapy Recording saying the 4 phrases over Crystal Sound Bowls.

Gratitude: Sound Therapy recording designed to active the Thymus Chakra.
Peace, love, & Unity Bundle 
This bundle includes three sound recordings. 
Peace: Sound Therapy Recording focusing on all 7 Chakras to align the body for healing and deep relaxation. 

Love: Sound Therapy Recording focusing primarily on the Heart Chakra to align our heart center to focus on unconditional love, forgiveness, emotional healing, and compassion. 

Unity: Sound Therapy Recording focusing primarily on the Crown Chakra and Heart Chakra. 
'The Crown signifies Unity, the dissolving of duality within the human psyche and the return to the remembrance of “All being One.”’
This bundle includes two sound recordings and a workbook.
Lakshmi Abundance Mantra: Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance. The amazing singer, Jennifer Real sings the Abundance Mantra with sound bowls. 

Chakra Balancing for Abundance: Sound Therapy Recording focusing on balancing the Chakras for Abundance. 

Chakras, Crystals, & Cash Flow eBook: This eBook includes a break down how each Chakra affects cash flow, affirmations, and what Crystals will help attract financial abundance. 
Peace & Calm
This session focuses mainly on the Solar Plexus which is the Chakra that controls fear, stress, and anxiety. Listen to this recording with your headphones and allow the stress to dissolve and align with peace, calm, and relaxation. 
Length: 34 minutes 
When purchasing please make sure you select the correct one. 

Large Call to Action 

4.15.2020 Live Session 
This live session activates all 7 Chakras with a heavy focus on the Heart Chakra. Set your intention and open your Heart Center for a deep relaxation. 
Length: 55 min

When purchasing please make sure you select the correct one. 
This recording focuses on the Sacral Chakra. A New Moon is a perfect time to set intentions and manifest what you truly desire. Our Sacral Chakra is the Chakra associated with that. This Sound Therapy recording will help you activate your Sacral Chakra to see your manifestation in motion. 

Length: 14 minutes 
The better you feel, the better you can show up in this world and live an Abundant life!
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