Sound Metrics was founded by coach and motivational speaker Niajae. Our mission is to promote well-being through Sound Therapy. Sound Therapy is not only known to increase productivity and enhance cognitive functions, it is also known to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Stress is the number one cause of illness and disease. The American Institute of Stress states that 65% percent of people say that their business/job is the number one cause of stress in their life. So Sound Metrics is dedicated to bringing Sound Therapy to businesses, offices, and events to accelerate peak performance and also increase well-being. 

We are also dedicated to giving back! 5% of the proceeds will go to a non-profit that focuses on mental and emotional health.
For every 10 sessions purchased one will be donated to a high-stress service professional like firefighters, police officers, or an EMS provider.
Amazing Benefits of Sound Therapy

Enhances cognitive functions

Reduces Anxiety & Stress 

Increases productivity

Promotes positive thinking

Increases creativity

Increases focus & concentration

Increases confidence 

Improves memory 

What type of event is this good for?
- Corporate gatherings
- Company meetings
- Wellness Week
- Team building meetings
- Masterminds
- Conferences and seminars
- Retreats
- Test prep 
Bring Sound Therapy to your business and events!

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